Northern Florida water treatment works

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Case Study1 How it Works

Northern Florida water treatment works

Local Water Authorities manage sewage collection and clean water distribution on a regional scale.

Across the US, these organizations experience several difficulties in the operation of infrastructure assets.

Odor is a constant problem in a number of these installations, particularly near residential areas.

Conventional odor systems have proven unreliable, and none are practical for small sites.

Following a presentation and scoping exercise to an authority in Northern Florida, BBR has been invited to undertake a representative trial at a problem site.

The results of the BBR trial in Northern Florida as follows:

A small Lift station has experienced hydrogen sulfide concentrations as high as 200ppm in the exhaust gases.

BBR has installed a mobile trial unit, which connects to the access chamber and draws air from the exhaust.

Within a few hours of commencement and continuously thereafter the H2S concentrations have been reduced to 7ppm and the odor has been eliminated.

This has huge environmental benefits, both from an air quality and resident perception viewpoint.

The BBR unit operates with hardly any noise or environmental impact.

This robust system is available for lease or purchase, as an emergency or permanent installation.