Kölliken toxic waste water works

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Kölliken toxic waste water works

Kölliken hazardous waste site is 200,000 tonnes of hazardous waste interlayered with 300,000 tons of urban and demolition waste giving a total of 500,000 tons of potentially highly dangerous toxic waste (1978-85).

The positioning of this hazardous waste was upstream of main important water well.

A BBR system was placed at this severely hazardous toxic waste dump, at their seepage water treatment plant, with remarkable results using only in situ microbes.

The BBR bio filter is ideal for extreme problem odours since the fully enclosed reactor effectively deals with variations in volatile organic compounds over a wide range of temperatures. The unit test was at the main hall where the raw waste was extracted. The trial filter size was 3,500 CFM.

Remarkable results were achieved on a wide spectrum of toxic waste from the raw air escaping over a number of years dating back prior to WW2.