Fisantekraal water treatment works

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Fisantekraal water treatment works

The city’s newest treatment works opened in Fisantekraal in 2012. It uses state of the art ultraviolet disinfection and is geared as a ‘zero discharge’ plant, as the treated water is piped to customers for irrigation purposes.

BBR was awarded the odour control contract in 2012.

Performance data illustrates that H2S removal is in excess of 99%, coupled with complete removal of other odours.

BBR treat the main component H2S as follows:

The PH of the water is raised to 9.5 to enable fast and total adsorption of the H2S into the liquid.

The H2S is then totally oxidized to a sulphate and returned to the process water of the plant.

All non-condensable gases in the air stream are being humidified and passed directly through the Bio reactor and the result is absolute clean air.

Caustic usage for the PH control is on average 6lbs per day, the scrubber and bio filter use process water.